Providing Good Care

Providing good care? What do I mean? In regards to? 

Well for me it is providing good care to my clients and my family. But how do I know what good care looks like? I guess for me it would be how I feel a client responds to our appointment. It would also be how I feel the appointment went. Am I comfortable with the conversation. Did a question cause a change in behavior?  Did my daughters behavior change after our conversation? So many questions I could ask myself. 

                                                                                                        Questions. Always asking questions. I feel that if you don't ask questions you will never know. . . .Know how someone is feeling. Know what someone thinks about something. To go through life without asking questions leaves you empty,  even ignorant. How could I be a good counselor if I didn't ask questions. I feel that would make me a bad counselor.

It would make me a bad friend, daughter, wife.  Providing good care means inquiring, asking, sometimes going above and beyond. Providing good care means looking past yourself. Providing good care applies to all situations. Asking questions can determine whether you are good at something or bad.

Ask Questions!!! Provide Good Care!!!

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