Summer Weekend Planning

Last post I wrote about "Enjoying every moment".  How true.  Now that the weather is better, we have the opportunity to put this to action. People usually plan their family trips for the summer months, vacations and camping. It seems as if many times families make these plans because that's what other people do, not for the pure enjoyment. All the planning, booking, packing, etc adds stress that we, most likely, should be getting away from. Time schedules that need to be kept to complete all the tasks, or visits to families takes the fun away. 

How can we make this better? We may not be able to.  But, we can make weekends a nice time to bond with family, learn about each other, spend nice time together.  Have you seen the commercial with the little girl who asks if she is cute, so why are her parents spending all weekend cleaning and not spending time with her. This is a cute reminder that is true. Children want to have their parents around. They don't really care necessarily what the family is doing. From playing on the swing set in the park or playing cards in the house on a rainy day, those times are what our children remember. They also remember the times when they were ignored, or told "later, we'll play later".  

Let's try not to have our children have those memories but the good, fun times they had with their parents and family. They will also take those memories and continue those weekends with their kids!

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